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Healthy lifestyle tips

Human immunity is the ability of his body to defend itself against various “enemies”, i.e.
alien genetic information. On the one hand, the immune system protects the body, and
on the other hand, its condition depends on the general health of the person. If the individual is active, strong,
mobile, and cheerful, then his immunity will be in order, and if weak and passive, then
the immune system will be appropriate
The immune system protects us from the influence of external negative factors, this is a kind of
line of defense against the negative action of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and the like. Without
a healthy and effective immune system, the body becomes weak and suffers much more often
from various infections.
The immune system also protects the body from its own cells with disrupted organizations,
that have lost their normal properties. It detects and destroys such cells that are
possible sources of cancer. It is common knowledge that vitamins are essential for educating
immune cells, antibodies, and signaling substances involved in the immune response. One of
the main aspects of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition
In addition to proper nutrition, here are fifteen more excellent ways to recharge your
immunity, live healthily, and live healthily!
1. Go in for sports.
Physical activity improves the general condition of the body and the functioning of the lymphatic system,
removing toxins from the body. According to research, people who regularly exercise
sports, get colds 25% less often than those who do not lead a healthy lifestyle. However,
don’t be too zealous. Just 30-60 minutes of sports a day allows you to become healthier,
while heavier loads will make you weaker. Be sure to include in the program
push-ups – they contribute to better lung and heart function. Be sure to exercise.
on the press – this will improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system.
Daily morning exercise is a mandatory minimum of physical activity for the day. It is necessary
to make it the same habit as washing your face in the morning.
Jennifer Cassetta, a martial arts instructor from New York, says she does not get sick. “I believe that a global approach to exercise calms the mind and helps
relieve stress, ”says Jennifer. – “And cardio, strength exercises
generally help to strengthen the immune system ”. According to Cassette, her health has changed dramatically.
after she started practicing martial arts eight years ago. Before that, she
was a smoking girl who ate late in the evenings and drank a lot of coffee in the morning. At 20
2. More vitamins
We all need vitamin D, which is found in salmon, eggs, and milk. “Research
have shown that many people are not getting enough vitamin C, ”says Elizabeth
Politi, Director of Nutrition at Duke Diet & Fitness Center. Citrus fruits are a great source
of vitamin C. “It’s a myth that vitamin C prevents colds,” she says. “But getting
The right amount of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables energizes the immune system. ”
Zinc is also very important for strengthening the immune system – it has antiviral and antitoxic
acts. You can get it from seafood, unrefined grains, and brewer’s yeast. Besides
also drink tomato juice – it contains a large amount of vitamin A.
3. Get tempered!
Tempering the body can be your assistant in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To him,
it is best to start from childhood. The easiest way to harden is air
baths. I play of great importance in the hardening process and water procedures – strengthening the nervous
system, favorably affecting the heart and blood vessels, normalizing blood pressure and metabolism
substances. First of all, it is recommended to rub the body with a dry towel for several days,
and later move on to wet rubdowns. You need to start wiping yourself with warm water (35-36 C),
gradually moving to cool water, and then dousing. In summer, water treatments are better
to take outdoors after charging
4 eat protein
Protective factors of immunity are built from protein – antibodies (immunoglobulins). If you will be
eat a little meat, fish, eggs, dairy dishes, nuts, they simply cannot
5. Drink tea.
Just 5 cups of hot tea a day will significantly strengthen your body. From ordinary black
tea secretes L-theanine, which is broken down by the liver to ethylamine, a substance that increases
the activity of blood cells responsible for the body’s immunity. It is worth noting that all of this
applies only to quality teas
6. Have fun!
Studies have shown that people with positive emotional styles are happy
calm and enthusiastic, and less prone to colds. Fun and healthy
lives are inseparable.


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